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Susan Jane - "Nonstop Action"
January 29, 2009
Mike Monahan's Barracuda is a well-written thriller that reminds me of one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler. Micko, an NYPD cop, goes on vacation to get his health and confidence back after being injured in the line of duty. But the tropical paradise selected turns out to be as much hell as it is heaven. Micko finds himself contending with a host of criminals and a psychotic, mutated fish. "It" is just one of the many interesting characters. The setting is wonderful too. It was fun to travel to this exotic part of the world and learn some of its intriguing history.Mr. Monahan writes with authority both as a policeman and a diver, which makes everything ring true. This is a great tale, both above and under the water!

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J.R. Readron - "Take the bait! Read this book! You'll be hooked!"
November 13, 2008
You don't need to be a police officer, a scuba diver expert or a fisherman to enjoy this one, folks. It doesn't matter if you are male or female. What you do need is to set aside your time, have your meals for the day already prepared and find a comfortable seat. Let the answering machine answer your calls.

Mike Monahan brings us from New York to an island on the South Pacific, filled with history, conspiracies, money laundering, greed, danger and a very big fish with an even bigger attitude.

There really isn't much more that I can say on this one. "Barracuda" hooked me from the start and just never let go. I highly recommend it. Hook, line and sinker. Case closed.

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Robert Medak - "Barracuda, A Good Thriller"
January 24, 2009
This book has it all; a NYPD cop on vacation after an injury, Russian Mafia, and Japanese Yakuza, Chinese, and Micronesians in what should be an idealistic setting for relaxation and recuperation. Then, a cop is never off duty when he sees something illegal going on. Mick O'Shaughnessy, "Micko" to his friends, received a gunshot wound and sent on a vacation by The Police Psychiatrist, with the help of her sister in a travel agency to help Micko get over some troubling issues.

Mr. Monahan delivers a well-written thriller with numerous characters from a myriad of cultures, and backgrounds working and living at Bikini Atoll. A new resort is getting ready for the grand opening and Micko steps into a web of crooks, which he is unaware of, until strange things begin to happen.

You will have to read this thriller to find out about what happens to Micko and a strange predator in the lagoon. What is in the lagoon that is terrorizing the sharks in the lagoon? Isn't the shark at the top of the food chain? It is in the book, and I am not going to spoil the read by letting on.

I found took a bit of time to get to it for me, but, it was fast paced once it got over the first couple of chapters, at least for me. I found the reading to be a good read and well worth the reading of Barracuda. If you like thrillers, Barracuda is a book that I would recommend you read. Mr. Monahan builds the suspense until the time is right to let out the secrets.

Do yourself a favor and read this thriller.
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Paul J Mila - "Move over, Jaws"
June 10, 2008
Just when you thought it was safe to return to the water, there's a new Big Fish in town. Author Mike Monahan combines historical facts with his creative imagination and real-life NYPD background to produce this exciting underwater thriller.
As the title indicates, this story features a barracuda. It's not the usual shark tale. But what a barracuda! This dude is on nuclear steroids. For generation-X readers unfamiliar with the post-WWII concerns about above-ground nuclear teting, Monahan draws on the actual history of the Bikini A-bomb tests as the plausable explanation of this super 'cuda's origin. Fast-forward to present day political turmoil and we're off on a wild ride that will keep you turning the pages, and keep you looking over your shoulder riding the waves at the beach this summer.
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Angela M. Hooper
Review date: 11/13/2008
This will make you fear whats lurking down in the water.

Mike O'Shaunghnessy - (Micko), is a NYPD cop who was injured in the line of duty. He is sent on medical leave and instructed to rest and relax before coming back to work. He is sent to Bikini Atoll to do what he loves the most - scuba dive.

Micko is ready for the long deserved relaxation. He grabs his scuba equipment and takes off. He has no clue what lies ahead in wait for him. The Russians and Japanese are laundering money together and this just begins Micko's wild journey into an unrelaxed and chaotic vacation. There is murder, and a whole lot of suspense. There is also a huge barracuda lurking in the water that will destroy anything in its path.

The author relates to historical facts and brings it all together with one big plot, twisting and turning, and adding lots of suspense that will keep you reading. Parts of the story will have you rolling with laughter as Micko's character shows his true self in the nove
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